Daniel Fernandes Lins

Daniel Fernandes Lins

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First Name * Daniel
Last Name * Fernandes Lins
Username * dmightyone
Country * Brazil
City Natal
Nationality Brazil
Languages EnglishPortuguese



Availability: student
Website www.danielflins.com


Hi, my name is Daniel Fernandes Lins, I'm 22 years old and I was born and raised in Brazil. Recently I moved to Vancouver, Canada, where I live at the moment. I Enjoy drawing, painting, music, movies, games, playing and watching soccer, snowboarding etc.

Since I was given a pencil I started drawing and my interest for art has just grown. After my first contact with 3D, I decided I wanted to follow my career as a CG artist, that's when I found out about a place called Think Tank Training Centre, where I could learn the proper skills to be able to get in the CG industry. Now I'm looking for a full time position in a company that would allow me to develop my skills as a professional artist.


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